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To find out more about our delicious, marbled Cornish wagyu beef - or to place an order, head over to:

Wagyu Cattle are different to your mainstream cattle that are breed to get big and fat fast. Wagyu are slow growers and take alot longer to get fatten. Our animals are not ready to go to slaughter untill they reach 3 years old. this gives them more time on the farm and enhances the tastes and marbling in the meat. The fat runs through the meat and melts down when its cooked giving you so much flavour and taste compared to other breeds. We have found that Kobe style inproves the marbling in the meat. All our bullocks are feed on brewers malt which is very high in protein and fed beer before they leave the farm. They still have their water trough and silage on tab all day everyday but twice a day we fill a smaller trough with real ale from our Brewery here on the other side of the farm. They love the beer and have even been known to hear us coming and stand by the beer trough ready and waiting!

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