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9pints £20.00
4.5 pints £10.00

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Way up on the hills above Tintagel lies Condolden Farm, the highest Farmhouse in Cornwall and the home of Tintagel Brewery.


Originally set up in an old and redundant milking parlour, the environmentally friendly brewery is now housed in a state of the art, purpose-built facility.


We use pure water from our spring, rising 852 feet above the sea at Trebarwith Strand, and our very own wind turbine, to produce a suite of classic real ales for all of Cornwall to enjoy.


All beers are also made with wet yeast (a great mark of quality) and English malts and hops (so that they hold their head well), and have a refreshing sparkle in their character from cask conditioning.



(or 4.2% ABV bottled)


A golden session beer with a light, hoppy citrus finish and nose.


4.8% ABV

(also available bottled)


Our best-selling premium bitter special brew has a dark amber hue an initial malty flavour with a crisp aftertaste. 


4% ABV

(also available bottled)


Full-bodied malt flavours, light citrus tones and a rich amber colour, mark Cornwall’s Pride as a refreshing quaffing beer inspired by Tintagel itself – the home of King Arthur.


5.2% ABV

(also available bottled)


A stronger (5.2%) dark, full-bodied beer with a good balance between hops and malt and a clean, refreshing taste.


ARTHUR ALE_badge.png


4.4% ABV

(also available bottled)


A pale brown beer combining the character of both a best bitter and a golden ale. Marmalade citrus hop on the nose leads to a powerful citrus fruit and hop bitter-ness in the mouth but with a distinct malt balance. Malt fades in the finish, with persistent fruity bitterness and rising dryness.


4.5% ABV

(also available bottled)


Named after King Arthur Pendragon. Tintagel Brewery's new IPA is brewed with our own Cornish Water, English barley malt spiked with malted wheat and 3 special American hops. Pendragon has a fruity citrus aroma and a fresh bitter taste.


5.8% ABV

(also available bottled)


Caliburn is a warm, chocolate, spiced, strong dark ale.

At 5.8%, it is a popular, relaxing choice for Cornish real ale fans.